The 5T3M POD is designed for younger ones who aren’t ready to take on longer STEM courses but can learn rapidly given the right environment. It is less like school…for three-year old children. Most importantly, it transports kids to another world where learning is exciting & fun and the only limit is their imagination.

We offer a Playgroup Programme for kids 4-6 and an Enrichment Programme for kids 7-8. Our curriculum is designed to provide young learners with play-based learning, exposing them to diverse activities to foster positive self-concepts. At 5T3M, we focus on the children’s learning discovery and exploration to help them gain the extraordinary edge!

For more details and enrolment, WhatsApp us at +6016 336 6744 or visit our centre at Level 3, The Starling, Petaling Jaya.

Enter the world of Imagi

In a faraway universe lies the magical world of Imagi. The core of this living planet is fueled by the spirit of imagination, and the inhabitants have the power to take any shape and form. Any visitors here will find their own creativity and imagination amplified. The people of Imagi, the Imagins live amidst perfect harmony of advanced technology and the natural ecosystem.

Under the Tree of Imagination, children of planet Earth and the brave tribes of Imagi take a leap of faith and venture forth. Their mission? To teach the kids of today about sustainability of life and STEM education with the help of their innovative technology.

Save Imagi

  • Mission 1:

    Defence Station

    Imagi is under attack! Use your arms and legs to destroy incoming meteorites.

    This mission uses motion sensing technology, where your own movements are mirrored by the on-screen avatar. By developing strategies to target the right meteorites based on their varying damage, players learn logic skills.

  • Mission 2:

    Power Rush

    Imagi needs energy! Go cycling to collect blue and green power gems along the way.

    Motion sensors connected to a real-world bicycle allow you to pedal through a virtual environment to tackle the world’s energy problems. With the universal theme of nature vs progress, the game teaches kids the importance of balance between advancing technology and caring for nature.

  • Mission 3:

    The Valley

    Let’s develop Imagi! Build tracks with real-world objects and complete missions.

    Terrains from Imagi are projected onto the floor using projection mapping, allowing players to move objects around and change the landscape. The task requires manipulation of the terrain in order to complete missions, thus building the problem-solving skills of players.


  • Mission 4:

    Space Boulevard

    Build your spaceship to explore the vast land of Imagi and fight-off an alien monster.

    Spaceship designs are scanned and projected onto walls using interactive projection. Kids learn creativity by letting their imagination run wild, and bringing their ideas to life in a virtual world.

  • Mission 5:

    AR Bay

    Teleport around the universe and meet different aliens!

    Augmented Reality (AR) transports you to different parts of the universe without you having to physically leave Imagi. As kids interact with the aliens and each other using verbal and non-verbal language, they learn communication skills.

Enter the space workshop

 4 – 8 YEARS OLD


The more heads the better! Our space workshops get children to work in teams to complete projects together. As the challenges get progressively harder, are your kids ready to roll up their sleeves and 5T3M on?


Workshop 1:


Qobo the space explorer needs your help! Piece together a sequence of instructions like a puzzle and help Qobo navigate space to complete his mission.


Workshop 2:


Photon is a ranger at a new safari with Earth animals. Use an app to help Photon move around the safari and learn about these animals.


Workshop 3:


New land has been discovered on Imagi! Use the resources available to help the SWIPE bots build vehicles and modern infrastructure.


You can be sure no other venue offers anything like the unique 5T3M experience. Host a memorable birthday party, plan an enriching school field trip or have us arrange a bespoke workshop. It’s all possible, just get in touch.

For enquiries, please contact our team at +6016 3366 744 or email