Python Fundamentals 2.0


Python is a programming language that provides real skills for the future.  It is used to develop software and apps in a variety of settings. Many computer programmers enjoy using Python because it is easy to read and accessible even to beginners

In this course, students will learn basic Python concepts in a fun and visual environment – a virtual Maze, through a platform developed by a world-leading A.I company. By navigating a robot through the maze, students will experience in real-time and first-hand how the code works. They will start out with “drag-n-drop” block-based coding and gradually transition to text-based coding after familiarising themselves with coding in a full syntax programming language.

This course is suitable for beginners aged 8-15.

Why Learn Python?

1. Unique and easy to understand, even for kids with no programming experience


2. Uses real coding syntax that kids do not outgrow, unlike pure graphical programming languages


3. Many real-world applications as it is used across different industries from software engineering to scientific research; it is even being used to power YouTube

What You'll Learn

Full course structure:

Introduction – 4 lessons

Level 1 – 8 lessons

Level 2 – 8 lessons

*Python beginners must complete these levels in succession

See what parents have to say about our course here:

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Norjulia, mother of 6yo (BM): (FB) & (IG)

Merryn Tan, mother of 7yo & 12yo (Eng):


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