python Fundamentals 2.0

Master the fundamentals of Python – the most powerful programming language in the world – in a game-like virtual maze environment.

This course was developed in partnership with SenseTime, a world-leading AI player.

About 5T3M python Fundamentals 2.0

Python is a programming language that provides real skills for the future.  It is used to develop software and apps in a variety of settings. Many computer programmers enjoy using Python because it is easy to read and accessible even to beginners. 

Why Python?

This game-based learning process excites and motivates students to…

This game-based learning process excites and motivates students to…

About 5T3M python Fundamentals 2.0

We developed this course in partnership with world-leading AI player, SenseTime. Learning takes place on the online platform, SenseStudy, where students will learn coding concepts by programming a robot to navigate through the virtual maze.

This course is suitable for kids 9-15 years old with little to no coding experience.

Students will be able:

Python Fundamentals

Our Python course’s game-based learning process excites and motivates students to…

Think critically & solve the various missions & challenges.

Identify patterns and breakdown problems into modular solutions

Think logically in constructing codes & debugging


The kids will work out the basic concepts of algorithms and coding while learning the Python language. As they are immersed in the culture and specifics of the IT world, they will try out different areas of software development.
  • Onsite – Weekly Classes
  • Online Group – 2-5 Students
  • Online Private  – 1-1 Private Session

Introduction – 4 lessons

Level 1 – 8 lessons

Level 2 – 8 lessons

*Python beginners must complete these levels in succession

Visual programming develops a child’s imagination and teaches them to correctly set goals and search for ways to achieve them in game form.
In addition to working at the computer, the children draw, think, invent and design in groups, and give presentations.
At the end of the course, the children will create their own project – a game, a cartoon, or an interactive book.

We curate the best of STEM education, and customise our syllabus and proprietary workshops to call it 5T3M. 

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