Dr. Clo: Portable Sterilization Stick Against Viruses and Bacteria


4 types available:
• Household/Personal (Cyan)
• Bathroom (Blue)
• Refrigerator (Yellow)
• Automobile (Grey)

*Also available in-store at 5T3M, The Starling Level 3

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    Dr. Clo portable sterilization stick is made for millions of people who are threatened by germs and viruses. If social distancing is not possible, use Dr. Clo products in public areas for disinfection as an additional step in a comprehensive prevention and protection strategy. Make safety a priority for you and your loved ones.


    • Airborne protection against bacteria and viruses
    • Up to 8 weeks of protection & extends to a radius of 16 feet
    • No battery or electricity required
    • Eco-friendly and safe to use around children and pets
    • Most effective in enclosed spaces such as households, public transport, work spaces, classrooms, etc.


    Protection Against Viruses

    Dr. Clo sterilization and deodorization principle removes electric membranes or cell membranes from substances such as harmful bacteria, viruses, chemicals and carcinogens, which effectively suppresses their growth and sterilizes the atmosphere. Simply activate Dr. Clo and it will be spread out from the device into the air around you.




    Major worldwide companies are using it too


    For institutional and commercial use

    Dr. Clo products provide protection for every individual on the front lines. It is available for medical professionals, essential services personnel, and those who must venture out for critical reasons.


    For personal use

    The Dr. Clo portable sterilization stick was specifically developed for every place that we live and work.


    Safe and Effective

    The Korean government has provided R&D support for the development of Dr. Clo’s patented technology. Furthermore, Japan’s Hygiene and Microbiology Research Center has also verified its sterilizing power. Dr. Clo is 100% vegan and uses natural ingredients, unlike many household products. For example, disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorants contain harmful toxins.


    Product Information

    Test Report
    FDA Registration – Registered Establishment Number (3013383068)


    5T3M is a proud carrier of Dr. Clo products in Malaysia. Get directions on how to visit us here


    For more information, visit the Dr. Clo Malaysia homepage here
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