Fundamentals In 3D Printing & Modelling (Online Group Class)



Course Structure
• RM225 for Level 1 – 4 lessons
• RM225 for Level 2 – 4 lessons
• RM225 for Level 3 – 4 lessons

RM607.50 for full course (10% off)

*Course fee is inclusive of material fee

Materials include:

Innovate with 3D Printing & Design Modelling Textbook
◉ 3x 3D printed models
◉ Professional certificate by German Institute Malaysia (GMI)
🎁 BONUS: 3x Digital 5T3M-Cuberlab certificates


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    Fundamentals In 3D Printing & Modelling is an introductory course to 3D printing and design modelling.


    About the Course

    ◉ 3D printing is one of key future technologies
    ◉ Learn 3D design using 3D modelling software
    ◉ Bring your 3D designs to life with 3D printing
    ◉ Express your creativity and problem-solving skills

    Watch this Introduction to 3D Printing video to learn more:


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    Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Full Course (10% off)