VEXcode VR


◉ For beginners 7 to 12 years old
◉ No coding experience needed
◉ Total of 8 lessons
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    VEXcode Virtual Robotics (VR) is a web-based platform that teaches programming by challenging kids to code a virtual robot in different 3D playgrounds. They will be learning the different functions of a robot as well as fundamental coding skills all while having fun completing various challenges.

    VEXcode VR offers a variety of 3D playgrounds such as the grip map, number grid map, wall maze, art canvas and more! Each playground comes with its own theme and learning objects, for example the number grid map will test kids’ mathematical skills whereas the art canvas allows them to express their creativity.

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    Batch 1 – Basic, Batch 1 – Intermediate, Batch 2 – Basic, Batch 2 – Intermediate, Batch 3 – Basic, Batch 3 – Intermediate


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