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5T3M is a unique approach to science and technology where learning is experiential, and driven by your child’s natural curiosity; where passion and creativity are more important than following a rigid curriculum.

Qobo Puzzle Coding

Suitable for kids 4-7 years old

This is a coding workshop, using a snail-robot and coding tiles. Kids will be introduced to basic sequencing concepts & logic flow, while learning to solve a fun coding mission.

Swipe Robotics (1st Robo)

Suitable for kids 4-10 years old

Kids will be assembling a robot using lego-like building blocks, and learning to do simple coding with pre-programmed cards and a card reader to complete a mission.

Photon Icon Programming

Suitable for kids 4-10 years old

Kids will learn the basics of coding with a robot called Photon. They will use an app to program Photon via drag-n-drop icon programming and explore different functions such as movement, animal sounds, emotions and more.

Glow-in-the-Dark Slime

Suitable for kids 3-10 years old

Kids make their own slime which glows in the dark, from scratch. Materials used: baking soda, glue, lotion, glow in the dark powder, solution. They also learn interesting facts about slime.

Paint Pouring

Suitable for kids 4-10 years old

Kids will be given a mini canvas and some acrylic paint. They explore how colours can be mixed to create other colours or tones. The paint will be poured onto the canvas to create awesome designs.

Mini Aquarium

Suitable for kids 3-10 years old

Kids will learn about ocean life & aquatic animals. They will design a mini aquarium within a glass bottle, adding sand, mini pebbles, mini plastic sea animals, and water to bring it to life.

Galaxy Glitter Jar

Suitable for kids 3-10 years old

Kids will use water, glue, glitter and cotton to create their own mini galaxy, all contained within a jar. They will be introduced to our solar system and stars.

Lava Lamp

Suitable for kids 3-10 years old

This workshop introduces the idea of liquid density. Kids will fill a bottle with water, oil and other liquids, observing how the liquids with different density separates from one another. With that, they will be able to create a lava-lamp like effect with a little magic.

DIY Playdough

Suitable for kids 3-7 years old

Kids will learn about ocean life and make their own playdough from scratch, developing their motor skills with hands-on learning.

We curate the best of STEM education, and customise our syllabus and proprietary workshops to call it 5T3M. 

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