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5T3M Academy

5T3M ACADEMY Courses are designed to prepare kids 7-15 years old for the future workforce by imparting them with important soft skills to complement the technical skills they gain along the way.

Featured Courses

Game Development

For ages 7+
Start with
Basic Scratch Coding

AI Design

For ages 9+
Start with
Python Fundamentals 2.0

Robotics & Engineering

For ages 10+
Start with
Fundamentals in 3D Printing & Modelling

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All courses can be accessed and reviewed through our app, requiring no additional downloads. Our easy-to-use, ad-free app makes learning accessible and efficient.



Code with the Best

Your child is supported through each step of their coding journey thanks to one of our coding experts! A dedicated tutor is assigned to you and your child to answer any questions and provide in-depth explanations through the in-app live chat.


Learn at Your Own Pace

Our adaptive learning environment does just that—it adapts to your child, finding the perfect balance between challenge and progress. That’s why students rate our classes 4.8/5.



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Exploring identity,
championing diversity, and building community

5T3M Academy is a subsidiary of Eduspec Holdings Berhad, the NO. 1  IT Education provider in Asia since 1984. We have presence in 7 SEA countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam & Thailand. Our achievements:


students certified from our programmes


 teachers certified and deployed to schools


partnered schools

Our programmes are well-structured with a comprehensive curriculum, developed and curated by an R&D team with 3️5️+ years of experience in the industry. You can rest assured that your child will be making the most out of their learning with us.

Why Us?

Our strength lies in our comprehensive syllabus that focuses on building a strong foundation and understanding of the subject matter, coupled with STEM computational thinking skills that students develop along the way. We deliver our lessons in a way that is engaging and exciting for students. It is our priority to ensure that all students absorb and retain what they learn from each class. 

Here’s how we give our students the most valuable learning experience

We curate the best of STEM education, and customise our syllabus and proprietary workshops to call it 5T3M. 

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