5T3M HUB uses interior design language that aligns with our vision and purpose. We believe that a good learning environment can have a huge positive impact on student success. The HUB is largely clean and futuristic in design, with the exception of the POD which uses vibrant colours and “alien” design elements to give the effect that kids are being transported to another planet.


The 5T3M POD is designed for younger ones to experience different STEM areas such as robotics and coding through fun and engaging activities, including interactive games, physical activities and STEM workshops. It is less like school and more like a playland that sparks the innate curiosity of young minds. Designed as the alien planet of Imagi, the POD helps amplify the creative minds of young kids.

Host a kids birthday party or family day here today. Packages are flexible and customisable upon request – just let us know!

Visits available with prior booking. Purchase your tickets here and arrange for a play & learn session with us!

Enter the world of IMAGI

In a faraway universe lies the magical world of Imagi. The core of this living planet is fueled by the spirit of imagination, and the inhabitants have the power to take any shape and form. Any visitors here will find their own creativity and imagination amplified. The natives of Imagi known as Imagins live amidst perfect harmony of advanced technology and the natural ecosystem.

Under the Tree of Imagination, children of planet Earth and the brave tribes of Imagi take a leap of faith and venture forth. Their mission? To teach the kids of today about sustainability of life and STEM education with the help of their innovative technology.



The more heads the better! Our space workshops get children to work in teams to complete projects together. As the challenges get progressively harder, are your kids ready to roll up their sleeves and 5T3M on?

Workshop 1


Qobo the space explorer needs your help! Piece together a sequence of instructions like a puzzle and help Qobo navigate space to complete his mission.

Workshop 2


Photon is a ranger at a new safari with Earth animals. Use an app to help Photon move around the safari and learn about these animals.

Workshop 3


Qobo the space explorer needs your help! Piece together a sequence of instructions like a puzzle and help Qobo navigate space to complete his mission.


The 5T3M ACADEMY houses three classrooms, one of which is modular and can be combined into a larger event space. The blue rooms can fit 10-20 pax, whereas the purple and red room can be combined to fit 20-50 pax. These spaces are ideal for holding classes, workshops and seminars.

Includes: Wifi connection, interactive whiteboards, projectors, air-conditioning, chairs and tables


The 5T3M AUDITORIUM is modern and modular, with a “free-seating” concept that fits 20-60 pax. This beautiful space is ideal for seminars, talks, conferences, small-scale concerts, graduation ceremonies etc.

Includes: Wifi connection, projectors, air-conditioning